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Legal Disclaimer

Everything in this site is Copyright © David Bradbury, unless specified in one of the sections below, or on the pages where they appear. This includes, but is not limited to, small game maps, large game maps, pictures of enemies, pictures of bosses, pictures of sprites, pictures of backgrounds, music of levels and sounds, HTML files, JavaScript code, page scans, etc. Note: I have spent time creating each of these, making sure they were technically as well as artistically accurate. Please do not disseminate the files from this site. Thank you.

Macintosh News Network (MacNN):
This site is not affiliated with MacNN. This site is simply hosted at MacNN because I maintain the MPEG Audio News site, and they were generous enough to give me this space.

I did not create artistic pictures (rather than the technical ones from the game), although I have modified them (either to make them look better or make smaller file size). They are copyright whoever made them, although the modifications are copyright me. I have accumulated these files over the last several years, so I am not entirely sure where I obtained them. If you can prove that you created the pictures, I will credit you.

Music (MIDI / MOD):
I did not create/modify any of these MIDIs / MODs. They are copyright whoever made them. I have accumulated these files over the last several years, so I am not entirely sure where I obtained them. I have made every attempt to list the name of the sequencer, but some are listed as unknown. If you can prove that you created the MIDI / MOD file, I will credit you.

Nintendo of America, Inc. licensed Mega Man 3 from Capcom, but I cannot say how this actually affects the copyright of the game. What I can say is that Nintendo holds copyrights on many of the graphics and text in this site.
Nintendo Power, NES Game Atlas, Top Secret Passwords, and the scanned game maps and information from those publications is Copyright © Nintendo of America, Inc.

When you get right down to it, Mega Man and everything surrounding him is copyright Capcom USA, Inc. Truly, I do not know if I (or any of the others) can legally have Mega Man tribute sites. But I have done my best to make this site amazing, and I hope Capcom (if they ever see this site) will know this, and not try to make me stop.
Mega Man is Copyright © Capcom USA, Inc.


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