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Welcome to the ULTIMATE reference for the Capcom NES Game
Mega Man 3!

Here, you’ll find maps, graphics, pictures, scans, sprites, sounds, music, sightings, and many other cool things about Mega Man 3!

Check out NEWS for the most recent information.


6/27/00: Contrary to popular belief, I'm not dead -- just really busy. If there's something you really want, let me know, I'll see what I can do. Other than that, don't expect updates for the next little while. -Dave

April 30, 2000
Finally! The MP3s, QuickTime movies, Real G2s, and WAVs are up on the Music pages! Rather than using the A & B sections from before, all the music loops twice. So, the files are bigger than before, but hey, they're better.

March 25, 2000
I've made up How To sections for the Doc Robot stages and for Dr. Wily’s castle.

March 17, 2000
Joey Kincer and I have struck a deal so I can host his great Mega Man MIDIs as MP3s on the music pages! In return I host some other MP3s of his music for his site... if you ask me, I'm getting the better end of the deal, but you know... Check out Joey’s site here, and listen to his great Mega Man MIDIs.

March 12, 2000
I managed to score a copy of the “Rockman 2: The Power Fighters” CD. It’s music from the Japanese arcade game of the same name (Rockman being Mega Man’s name in Japan). Anyway, rather than making completely new music for this 1996 game, they instead decided to remix classic Mega Man music... and it’s AMAZING. Check out the Music pages and listen to some of the tracks (listed under the MP3 headings).

February 26, 2000
The “new and improved” Mega Man Text feature has been finished.

February 25, 2000
Well, it took a little longer than I thought it would, but the site has been reorganized. You’ll notice that all the pages are in their own folders and that other little things have changed (like the font, table sizes, etc.) The game music is back offline, but you can still get the MIDIs and MODs. Expect to find some broken links and broken graphics, but problems like that should be fixed soon. Oh, and before I go, I’ve started looking for information on the other NES Mega Man games, so I should have something for MM1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 up soon.


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