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MP3: 44.1kHz 80Kbps (SWA Export Xtra)
QuickTime: 44.1kHz 28Kbps (QDesign Music 2 Pro)
RealAudio: 28.8 music codec (G2 SureStream)

Music from the game has been created using the Nosefart WinAmp plugin. Emulation is not perfect, so a couple of these sound a little off, but don't worry, most sound better than recording from a real NES.

Introduction Theme

Introduction Theme MIDI

Introduction Theme MOD

Stage Select

Chose Robot Master

Chose Dr. Wily Robot Master

Stage Select MIDI


Password MIDI

Password MOD

Gemini Man

Gemini Man MIDI

Gemini Man MOD

Gemini Man MP3

Gemini Beam (Weapon)

Hard Man

Hard Man MIDI

Hard Man MOD

Hard Man MP3

Magnet Man

Magnet Man MIDI

Magnet Man MOD

Magnet Man MP3

Magnet Missile (Weapon)

Needle Man

Needle Man MIDI

Needle Man MOD

Needle Man MP3

Shadow Man

Shadow Man MIDI

Shadow Man MOD

Shadow Man MP3

Shadow Blade (Weapon)

Snake Man

Snake Man MIDI

Snake Man MOD

Snake Man MP3

Spark Man

Spark Man MIDI

Spark Man MOD

Spark Man MP3

Spark Shock (Weapon)

Top Man

Top Man MIDI

Top Man MOD

Top Man MP3

Top Spin (Weapon)

Dr. Wily’s Castle 1 & 2

Dr. Wily’s Castle 1 & 2 MIDI

Dr. Wily’s Castle 1 & 2 MP3

Dr. Wily’s Castle 3 & 4

Dr. Wily’s Castle 3 & 4 MIDI

Dr. Wily’s Castle 3 & 4 MP3

Dr. Wily’s Castle 5 & 6

Dr. Wily’s Castle 5 & 6 MP3

Robot Master

Robot Master MP3

Dr. Wily Robot Master

Weapon Receive

Weapon Receive MIDI

Weapon Receive MP3

Proto Man’s Concerto

Proto Man’s Concerto MIDI

Proto Man’s Concerto MOD

Proto Man’s Concerto MP3

Proto Man’s Whistle

Proto Man’s Whistle MIDI

End Theme

End Theme MIDI

Kill Robot Master

Kill Dr. Wily

Medley MIDI

1-UP / Energy Tank

Appear / Teleport


Robot Master Door

Recieve Energy

Explosion (Mega Man, Robot Masters)

Explosion (Large Penguin, Bobcat)

Fire Dropper


Get New Weapon

Mega Man Hit

Enemy Hit

Mega Man Jump-Land

Move Menu

Open Menu

Nut and Bolt

Plug Sparker


Big Bouncer

Plasma (Arm) Cannon (Weapon)



Dr. Wily’s Ship

These tracks were in the Mega Man 3 NSF file. I don't know where they go in the game. Contact me if you know what they are.

Unknown 1

Unknown 2

Unknown 3

Unknown 4

Unknown 5


Copyright © 1998-2000 David Bradbury

Since January 1, 1999

Tuesday, 27-Jun-2000 21:23:11 EDT