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Snake Man Animation Snake Man Title

Snake Man Stage Map (click for large version)


Robot Master
Name: Snake Man
Creator: Dr. Wily
Number: 22
Weapon: Snake Search
Height: 135 cm
Try to stay out of Snake Man's way and attack from a distance, though this may not always be possible due to the layout of the room. Snake Man is most suseptable to the Needle Cannon, and the fact that you can shoot through the middle platform works to your advantage.

Bouncing Box with Foot
Small Snake Head
Large Snake Head
Beanie Bomb Dropper
Bomb Spinner
Cloud Missile

Small Weapon Pellet (4)

How To

How To Screen Shot 1
If you're using the Mega Jumping Game Genie code (YEUKOTGA) you can jump right over the Large Snake Heads.

How To Screen Shot 2
If you want these power ups, you'll have to get them now.

How To Screen Shot 3
Jumping across this pit can be difficult. Jump at the last second and Mega Man will land safely.

How To Screen Shot 4
Wait until these Cloud Platforms reach the top of the screen before you jump, you'll need all the help you can get to land safely on the next "solid" platform.

How To Screen Shot 5
Shooting the Cloud Missile will make it angry, but this can be used to an advantage. After being hit, the Cloud Missiles travel in a straight line rather than floating randomly, also they speed up. Jump over the Missile as it comes towards you.

How To Screen Shot 6
Again, firing on a Cloud Missile will make it fly in a straight line, so use it to your advantage, jump right over as it comes flying by.

How To Screen Shot 7
Look at Snake Man, he's got a little smirk... like he thinks he's better than Mega Man - let's set him straight!

How To Screen Shot 8
If you don't have the Needle Cannon yet, use the Spark Shock. Note: Spark Shock runs out very quickly, so use it only when you know you have a good shot.

How To Screen Shot 9
Personally I like the Needle Cannon against Snake Man. Not only does it cause a lot of damage, but it's very efficient- you can shoot hundreds of these before they run out. Also, it's got Auto-Fire!

How To Screen Shot 10
Destroying Snake Man will earn you his Search Snakes... very useful against the final Dr. Wily (hint, hint).


Snake Man

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