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Needle Man Animation Needle Man Title

Needle Man Stage Map (click for large version)


Robot Master
Name: Needle Man
Creator: Dr. Wily
Number: 17
Weapon: Needle Cannon
Height: 135 cm
Try to stay as far away from Needle Man as you possibly can and avoid the shower of Needles with quick jumps. Slide under him as he bounds towards you and hit him with the Gemini Laser.

Hard Hat
Dragon Fly
Ceiling Spike
Bomb Spinner
Big Bouncer

Large Energy Pellet
Energy Tank

How To

How To Screen Shot 1
Cannons can't be hurt until they open up. Fire two shots directly into the cannon before it can launch any bombs.

How To Screen Shot 2
Just as Mega Man falls off this ledge, let out a shot from the Arm Cannon. It will hit this hard hat right on.

How To Screen Shot 3
Watch out for spikes.

How To Screen Shot 4
Spikes hide in the ceiling, so if you're not paying attention Mega Man may get skewered.

How To Screen Shot 5
Quickly slide away from this spike. Don't worry, Mega Man will land on the next platform.

How To Screen Shot 6
Do whatever you can to get this Energy Tank, they're very useful.

How To Screen Shot 7
Hang just slightly over the top of the ladder and fire at the Bomb Spinner. His bombs can't touch you here.

How To Screen Shot 8
If you have the Spark Shock, freeze the Big Bouncer in his tracks.

How To Screen Shot 9
This is Needle Man. See below for more information.

How To Screen Shot 10
The Shadow Blade is very effective against Needle Man, only problem being that Mega Man must get very close to Needle Man for the weapon to make contact.

How To Screen Shot 11
The Gemini Laser is also very effective against Needle Man. Mega Man doesn't need to be close to Needle Man to inflict damage, but the Laser beam may never make contact with him. Personally I use the Gemini Laser... but more because you can't get a wicked-ass ricochet like this one out of the Shadow Blade!

How To Screen Shot 12
Have fun with the Needle Cannon. It's the only weapon in this game with Auto-Fire.


Needle Man

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