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Hard Man Animation Hard Man Title

Hard Man Stage Map (click for large version)


Robot Master
Name: Hard Man
Creator: Dr. Wily
Number: 20
Weapon: Hard Knuckle
Height: 180 cm
Hard Man aims at you with two Mega Man-seeking Hard Knuckles at a time. Hit him with Magnet Missiles before he fires. Beware though, if Hard Man lands on you he'll do serious damage.

Bomb Spinner
Hard Hat
Proto Man
Big Bouncer

Small Energy Pellet (3)
Large Energy Pellet (3)
Energy Tank

How To

How To Screen Shot 1
As soon as you see the Momma Bee, run in the opposite direction and she will scroll off the side of the screen, never to be seen again.

How To Screen Shot 2
You'll need to slide across these Jaws or you'll get eaten.

How To Screen Shot 3
If you need this Large Energy Pellet, be sure to slide across the Jaws to avoid being bitten.

How To Screen Shot 4
Slide under the bombs that are thrown then fire quickly.

How To Screen Shot 5
If you wait on this step, you'll be able to shoot this Monkey without fear that he'll come after you.

How To Screen Shot 6
To destroy other Monkeys, stand in one spot and let it jump over Mega Man. Shoot the Monkey when it lands.

How To Screen Shot 7
Unless you need this Large Energy Pellet, just keep climbing up the ladder. You don't need to slow down, just keep climbing.

How To Screen Shot 8
As with the other Momma Bee, when she come on the screen run in the other direction. This time, you'll need to slide to the right to get the Momma Bee to appear.

How To Screen Shot 9
By hanging onto the ladder, you can easily shoot the Big Bouncer when he jumps.

How To Screen Shot 10
This is Hard Man. Doesn't he look mean? See below for more info.

How To Screen Shot 11
Spray this guy with Magnet Missles while dodging his Hard Knuckles. The Knuckles will usually try to hit Mega Man in the head, so sliding under them is a good way to avoid being hit.

How To Screen Shot 12
When you defeat Hard Man you'll earn the Hard Knuckle.


Hard Man

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Hard Man MP3


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