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Top Man Animation Top Man Title

Top Man Stage Map (click for large version)


Robot Master
Name: Top Man
Creator: Dr. Wily
Number: 21
Weapon: Top Spin
Height: 130 cm
Top Man attacks with a simple pattern. First, he throws tops into the air which stop then converge on Mega Man's position. Then he spins and charges. Send the Hard Knuckle and avoid the tops. Then jump over Top Man as he approaches.

Nut and Bolt
Jumping Dog
Top Dispenser
Hard Hat
Proto Man

Large Energy Pellet (3)
Small Weapon Pellet (3)
Large Weapon Pellet

How To

How To Screen Shot 1
Hang onto this ladder and shoot the Top Dispenser. Mega Man can't be damaged by the Tops this way.

How To Screen Shot 2
If you need the energy pellets, use Rush Coil to get up to the second level and get them. Be sure to double back and go through the bottom so you can refill Rush.

How To Screen Shot 3
Slide off both of these platforms to avoid any confrontation with the Nut and Bolt.

How To Screen Shot 4
Jump up on this level, shoot the Bulldozer, then collect the power ups.

How To Screen Shot 5
Jump to avoid the hairballs that the Bobcat coughs up at Mega Man, then fire at the Bobcat's mouth.

How To Screen Shot 6
Fire a shot from the Arm Cannon so this Hard Hat will land on it.

How To Screen Shot 7
Jumping from one Top platform to another is much easier than it looks. Just relax and jump to the next platform when it's even with or lower than the current one.

How To Screen Shot 8
Say hello to Top Man. He doesn't look happy.

How To Screen Shot 9
When Top Man's tops are in the air, fire a Hard Knuckle at him.

How To Screen Shot 10
Jump out of the way of Top Man's tops. Mega Man can also slide under them without being hurt.

How To Screen Shot 11
Defeating Top Man will earn you the Top Spin, an odd weapon to say the least.


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