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Gemini Man Animation Gemini Man Title

Gemini Man Stage Map (click for large version)


Robot Master
Name: Gemini Man
Creator: Dr. Wily
Number: 19
Weapon: Gemini Laser
Height: 132 cm
When you reach Gemini Man's chamber, he will split in two. Stay just left of the center and jump over the Gemini Men as they circle. Then fire the Search Snake when you have a clean shot.

Fire Dropper
Regular Penguin
Proto Man
Eggs with Fish
Dragon Fly
Huge Penguin
Sliding Penguins
Big Fish Blowhole Missiles
Jumping Dogs
Big Bouncer

1-UP (2)
Large Energy Pellet (2)
Question Tank (2)
Large Weapon Pellet (3)
Energy Tank (2)

How To

How To Screen Shot 1
If possible, shoot the Fire Droppers before they drop fire, but if you can't, Mega Man will be safe between the poles of fire.

How To Screen Shot 2
Don't let this Proto Man frighten you, he won't be staying long...

How To Screen Shot 3
If you slide into this screen and jump as soon as you can, it's possible to jump right through the barrier. But be warned that if you do this, the some of the tiles in the game's pattern table won't be updated so a few enemies might look weird- also, the music will stop (it looks like we've found a bug!).

How To Screen Shot 4
Jump up here and shoot. Be sure to shoot the Fish that come out of the Eggs quickly.

How To Screen Shot 5
Jump up to this level, shoot out the Eggs then slide through.

How To Screen Shot 6
If you're not using Game Genie codes, you'll need Rush to get you up here. Note: Is is possible to shoot the lowest two Eggs and jump up and around the next level of Eggs, but it is incredibly difficut to do... I couldn't do it while grabbing these screen shots- that's why this picture is of Rush.

How To Screen Shot 7
To destroy the Huge Penguin, you'll have to jump over the Sliding Penguins and shoot the Huge Penguin in the eyes. This can be a tricky maneuver, so you may find it easier and faster to use Rush Jet for this (assuming you already have him).

How To Screen Shot 8
The water section of this level is perfect for trying out Rush Marine.

How To Screen Shot 9
If you don't have Rush Marine, you can jump from block to block above the water. Watch out for Dragon Flies and Missiles that the Big Fish will shoot at Mega Man.

How To Screen Shot 10
You can easily get rid of this Big Bouncer by shooting at him through the wall.

How To Screen Shot 11
Here are the two Gemini Mans (oooh, scary!)

How To Screen Shot 12
Stand in the middle of the room facing to the door (the left of the screen). Shoot at the Gemini Man running to you from the left with the Search Snake, while avoiding pellet fire.

How To Screen Shot 13
When Gemini Man's energy lowers to half, the second Gemini Man will disappear. Continue to fire Search Snakes at Gemini Man, but watch out for the Gemini Laser.

How To Screen Shot 14
Oh yes! Gemini Laser, sweet!


Gemini Man

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Gemini Man MP3

Gemini Beam (Weapon)


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