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Shadow Man Animation Shadow Man Title

Shadow Man Stage Map (click for large version)


Robot Master
Name: Shadow Man
Creator: Dr. Wily
Number: 24
Weapon: Shadow Blade
Height: 138cm
Shadow Man will pummel you with fast and furious attack. When he stops, he will throw three Shadow Blades at Mega Man, and then continue to jump and slide around the room. Top Spin will cause the most damage to Shadow Man, but beware, it is the hardest with which to hit.

Mini Gamma
Jumping Dog
Proto Man
Walking Eye


Small Weapon Pellet (4)

How To

How To Screen Shot 1
If Mega Man is positioned just right, he can fall right through this screen- missing a confrontation with a Mini Gamma.

How To Screen Shot 2
The ever handy Mega Jumping Game Genie code (YEUKOTGA) will help Mega Man get out of the way of Proto Man.

How To Screen Shot 3
Find a way to shoot the Hologram machine (use Rush to jump or fly up- or use a Game Genie code) or the screen will go dark with stars. Fortunately there are no pits to fall into.

How To Screen Shot 4
Jump just far enough to the right for the Parachute to fall, then move back to the left and land on the same platform. Now Mega Man can fire at the Parachute without fear of being damaged.

How To Screen Shot 5
Here's Shadow Man in full force. He looks mad, doesn't he?

How To Screen Shot 6
As Shadow Man slides towards Mega Man, jump and turn on the Top Spin. Shadow Man will feel the full force of the Top Spin (four direct hits will put him out of commission).

How To Screen Shot 7
Destroying Shadow Man will earn you the Shadow Blade and Rush Marine.


Shadow Man

Shadow Man MIDI

Shadow Man MOD

Shadow Man MP3

Shadow Blade (Weapon)


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